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That is when the shit hit the fan. Still just a bit of grass on it from the concert site. Jaime hammer nude videos. Woodstock 99 naked. Only acceptance award worth listening to in MTV history. This list is subject to change. But yet they managed to put on two other Woodstocks of comparable size, attracting roughly the same age group, with no kind of rioting, mass vandalism, or gang rapes that I'm aware of.

It was evening before he got through. A Christian Science Perspective. It says that a women was crowd surfing, then got pulled down and gang raped by who I'm assuming was some Limp Bizkit fans. Even today, people complain that the overwhelming majority of rapes go unreported. Asian escorts bellevue wa. Ambrose saw someone selling mushrooms "with long skinny stems" and a naked man carrying a sign above his head: First thing to go was the Fence surrounding the perimeter of the venue. I've been to one music festival in my life.

Please report spam, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate posts by messaging the moderatorsas this helps us remove them more promptly! I was within 5 feet of Fred during their set, and this knowledge just sickens me. Please link directly to a reliable source that supports every claim in your post title.

They held her up and in the same place just long enough for one guy to get two fingers in her before they launched her to the right, where she surfed away.

I go regularly as well It's different than playing a game where you go to war or something; Limp Bizkit always marketed itself to the angry, pissed off, disenfranchised assholes of the world.

Then the riots of course. Posts that omit essential information, or present unrelated facts in a way that suggest a connection will be removed. I went with my father and older sister when I was 14 all the way from South Florida.

Women flashed bare breasts at cameras that in turn projected the images on the large screens by the two main stages. I even had complete strangers help me down from a terrible trip and I'm ever so thankful for these people.

Even remotely recognized from the emerging artist's list is Muse. After the police marched far enough away, we left, asking ourselves Fucking terrible experience across the board. At first, it seemed to be another spontaneous celebration. Prices inside the Woodstock fence were crazy, my first night there a shitty Red Baron imitation pizza was 19 dollars at a food stand inside, I ate some hippy made chicken fajitas outside the fence for 4 bucks. Here's a more in-depth article that highlights more of the fucked up shit that went on at Woodstock ' That is an unfortunate generalization though.

The Syracuse Post-Standard reported that state troopers, helping to evacuate the concert during the chaotic end of the festival, even urged two female fans to strip — and then posed with them. Kayleigh pearson lesbian. They had to stop again to do the same later, but for a band as rockin' and crowd thumping as Rage, that's a pretty caring way to act.

Everyone around us was in shock, if I remember right.

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I just thought i was funny that in the same post that you inferred that bystanders should directly intervene to help victims, you followed up with a "I didn't directly intervene" story.

Ambrose saw someone selling mushrooms "with long skinny stems" and a naked man carrying a sign above his head: Fred Durst later said "no guys, I said 'give me something to break. Sucking granny tits. Would you let a 14 year old go to Coachella or Bonaroo or Glastonbury unsupervised? By clicking above you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They were always sexual beasts. I've posted an Askreddit for those who want to share their bad experiences from Woodstock, or any other music festival.

One of the most appalling things about the human race, along with the holocaust and assorted terrorism, is that there are people who upon being exposed to Limp Bizkit will think "Yes! When police and firefighters attempted to put out the largest blaze, which burned along the north wall of the festival grounds, they were pelted with bottles and rocks. Not people you know.

Fires were still burning, and the sound of sirens echoed across the runways of the former airfield. Anything that could be set on fire was set on fire, from vendor stands to tractor trailers. It's results should not be taken as an indication of how humans behave.

I support the sexual revolution, but I also believe that human beings, especially human males who have higher levels of aggression-linked hormones, need to be trained to behave in an ethical way. If his parents were there that'd be a different story, but that's not the impression I get reading his comment. What did you expect? Which one contained more violent and destructive lyrics and themes?

People were robbed and beaten up for any reason whatsoever There were shit-fights from tipped over porta-potties, that were set on fire.

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Every person there was probably thinking they'd be rushing in by themself and it'd be suicide. Why would we need another woodstock when Coachella Bonnaroo bamboozle and the countless other huge festivals exist. Us lesbian porn. Woodstock 99 naked. This is an accurate portrayal of who I am. The have-nots were the people. Smoking a joint isn't enough for them. I was more concerned about their physical safety. They repeated wordless chants and banged on empty gallon metal trash cans. Beyond the valley of the dolls nude scenes. Monitor Daily Current Issue.

It went down hill pretty quick after that.

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It seemed like a lot of people here came to watch television while sitting in something scorching. I arrived at Century Spa around 9pm and found easy parking. Big Cocks Porn Site Ranking th. The wood-floored room had the vibe of a family picnic, with camps of friends grouped together on mats.

Overall Wilshire is serviceable enough, but lacks character. Unfortunately, it also had a prickly staff and a more worn-in feel than the other places. We are open to receiving suggestions, invitations, submissions, ideas, contributions Grand is a compact, give-em-what-they-need place, which would probably feel friendlier if you were a regular.

Not in the least. The spa area itself had a TV that could be watched from the pools and sauna. It felt like a cross between a high-class community pool and a solarium.