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Next don't think for one momen Jennifer is such a classy person cause she is not at all. Bollywood movie nude video. Susie plays both sides of the fence. Evelyn lozada nude pics. What are they all doing now?. Even the people who love the show. Listen the key word ACT. Keisha is always wanting to throw rocks then hide her hands.

Agin like I said just for tv. You make all woman of color look bad and TAMMI you are a joke because as soon as this reunion show is over and the cameras are off you will still be the same old bitch in the foodstamp line and being just as ignorant as you have ever been, get real, and EVELYN you want everyone to feel sorry for you so you can get you show on back in the lineup, you not fooling anyone, but yourself so you talk about being real be real, you are a BULLY and that part of you will never change.

Thank you for subscribing! I was really disappointed in John, Shaunie, and Tami. I would like to see season 5 only because they said they promised to tone it down next season or make it better.! Punk ass bitches for real!!! RCD on December 12, at Evelyn keeps talking about these blogs, but she never said what was on them.

Below is a conversation the two had on twitter over 4th of July weekend. Mia lina lesbian. She got up from the table when she felt threatened and felt like Tami was going to hit her. What does that tell you? Supposedly Royce's twitter was hacked too. Also when Evelyn tried to deny it but the polygraph said that was a lie that made me a little emotional. And I doubt half the folks bloggin is watchin him. You can shake your behind to a degrading rap song.

Wendy Williams or Evelyn Lozada? Real talk real life issues real results. That doesnt make me judge all women. I'm sure you don't like Jennifer anymore because your have alot to hide, and you're afraid she will tell them all.

The only thing she said the first time her and Jen talked about was that Jen said that her and Evelyn didn't date the same kind of men. This is just television and nothing more.

VH1, shaunie and the other producers should be held accountable for this reckless portrayal of womenspecifically women of color. Now don't get me wrong the way thes boards act on tv is no means the way ladies should act with each others.

The rest of them were either divorced or had ended long term relationships.

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She must be made an example to anyone else Jennifer. Because end the end they are all just you and me Shaunie the courts have ruled and you are Guilty!!!

She will proclaim that she doesn't like drama, but she will run and tell someone what someone else has said, hence the Keisha and Tami situation. Hot mallu sex nude. Who cares if she doesn't want to be around you ghetto birds anymore. The only thing she said the first time her and Jen talked about was that Jen said that her and Evelyn didn't date the same kind of men.

What a true disappointment to see what I thought were beautiful and classy woman display child-like behavior. Lmfao if this is true about Howard.

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Tami why you didn't pop off at the mouth when Evelyn told Kenya her weave starting to look like yours? I had Tami and Evelyn's backs the first few seasons, because I felt that they were just misunderstood. They are not there to be role models for your girls.

The worst is that you are always attacking her verbally and physically. The producers showed the bad parts cuz that's what all you haters want to see. Evelyn lozada nude pics. Freinds don't do that to friends. With this reunion, the women actaully looked back and the show and was actually ashamed at what they did Evelyn throwing the bottle, Tami acting crazy on Keisha, Jen and Evelyns fight, and Shauni letting this show get to this point and they actually admitted to their wrong and actually apologized for their wrong doing which was kind of a shocker but I love the fact that theyre trying to grow and develop.

Add Your Comment Cancel reply Enter your comment here Threaten the money and it can put everybody in check. Indian sexi xxx. Suzie get a back bone and a voice for yourself. That doesnt make me judge all women. And so are you. Seems like you want people to believe all you all do is sit and sip tea and be 'graceful' and 'ladylike'.

Im glad Keisha spoke up for herself against Tami because as a grown woman you should not be treated like that no matter what the situation is. Let's face it some of them will do well some won't. And I doubt half the folks bloggin is watchin him.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Then you could have shown the bullies that there are always consequences by firing tammi and Evelyn from the show. I love God but Goons you two are and I guarentee if Lala Ali was one of those housewives you two would be the most humble on the show.

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